Consumerism gone mad.

Decisions decisions…Anyone else sick of making decisions?
The one’s like do I take the job or don’t I?…Do I stop this intense take me now kiss or do I say please pass the fire extinguisher?


Life is full of choice… But quite frankly I’m a little bored of choice.
I’d love someone to just tell me that I was stuck with something, even if it was just for a little while.
I feel constantly over faced by the stupid amount of variety we have access to, everywhere we turn.
Back in the “ye olden days” they had rations, they got by, they appreciated things. Chocolate was something to be treasured (it always will be FYI), new shoes were worn long after they were scruffy after playing outside, we mended things rather than threw them away.
I cannot be bothered to spend anymore time browsing the sandwiches isle in Tesco express, having what can only be described as an Internal battle of the fillings between tuna & sweet corn or plain old ham sandwiches (not actually old sandwiches).
I’d love to see a child’s eyes sparkle with delight or laughter as they play outside with a stick or getting covered in mud after building a den or going cow tipping (MUST TRY). Pretty much anything rather than seeing a child give a fake smile and a forced thank you for a gift that had genuine thought behind it when actually they wanted an iPad, Xbox, play station , entire Ralph Lauren wardrobe, electric car …

Can someone just hand out plain buttered toast for breakfast? None of this low fat chai tea latte & a organic biodegradable muffin crap.
Anyone up for a spot of cow tipping? Yes, there is cow pats nearby… No falling in one will not kill you.

So yeah, basically this blog post was inspired by sandwich fillings.

Consumerism has nearly ruined a generation.

Peace out.


New Years resolution follow up blog.

I’m sat in bed pondering all the “new year new me ” status’s that appeared just over two months ago. It got me thinking … Precisely How many people can say they have made a positive change to there life in the first few months of 2014?

My New Years resolutions actually meant something to me this year, after 2013 being a year that I achieved so many of my goals, I thought it about time I set myself some new challenges….. And checked in on how I was doing.

New Years resolutions were as follows..

1) Lose weight. Not just because everyone’s a little chubby monkey after Christmas, but because after a few years of looking in the mirror I just don’t feel attractive to anyone (no matter how confident I come across!), or happy within myself…. As they say a healthy body is a healthy mind. Also… I’d quite like a body worthy of strolling down an Australian (sporting a tan..
Not sunburn!) beach in Preparation for resolution number three.

2) Release three academic papers…
And enjoy the process! I love to learn,
And even though I’m finding the work/ Uni/ social life/ money balance horrendous I wouldn’t change it for the world….
And quite frankly I’m not ready to give up being a student & grow up ,get a mortgage and pop out a few children just yet. I’m as old as
I feel…. And I still can’t believe I’m on the back end of my early twenties (it still feels like a minute ago that sol viva was open with it’s sticky dance floor & cheesey songs).

3) Apply for a phd or a job in industry…. I want to earn lots of money… But I don’t want to lose sight of why I love science or why I’m interested in the research I’m doing- I don’t want a job, anyone can have one of those, I want a career. Even if this means I’m poor and have to live off beans forever inside a cardboard box.

4) ditch the dickheads.
That rolls out in all forms…. Men, shit stirrers, weirdos that I’m polite too…All of them must be gone if I’m to live a peaceful & happy life… Leaving people behind is progression not regret!

5) don’t fall for anyone who won’t fall for you.
Ladies, doesn’t this happen all to often ?
Last year I had enough of being the person that gets told I’m “not the type of girl that gets into a relationship.” Actually I am… I’m just a little more fussy about who I let in,
& why not have fun in the process? And why does everyone have to be in love all of a sudden! Blah!

Unfortunately I fail on this resolution… I’m hard wired to be attracted to the person that’s ignored me for weeks because they can’t be bothered to get in touch, used me, called me every name under the sun because that’s what I deserve to hear, or can’t spell their own name because they are that drug addled.
Apparently I Love a good project.
And gingers.
I wish to only abstain from projects.
Not gingers.
To clarify.

So I can say out of my New Years resolutions I’m progressing nicely….
This year feels like I’m taking a firm direction in my life and I’m finally ready to take it.

I hope you can sit and say the same about your own!

Kim x

A thank you to the ATC

Welcome to my first ever blog post!

My post is in response to the following article that I have just come across, on the glorious social networking site that is Facebook.
The post questions whether public school children should enrol at cadets to instil employable qualities, as suggested by Michael Gove.

I completely agree with the poorly written article and feel it does little justice for the cadets or any of their volunteers that keep the organisations afloat.
Cadets is, and will always be, about friendship, experiences and having fun (don’t forget the parties!)… If not what is the point? How many teenagers can say they joined an organisation willingly to make themselves more employable ten years down the line? ZERO.

I myself, as a self-confessed nightmare teen who was struggling to find any direction in life can only thank the volunteers that run establishments such as the ATC (Air training core) for taking me under their wing (pun intended) and creating the woman that I am today.

Upon turning fourteen one of my friends suggested that I came along to an evening at air cadets with him, which at the time sounded like three hours of being shouted at by someone for not marching with my arms in sync (BORING).. After my first evening, I realised how wrong I had been and I can honestly after he proved me wrong, I am and will be eternally grateful. Skeptical parents, I urge you to allow your children the opportunity to change their own direction in life. You will never regret it.

Opportunities that are offered near enough free of charge by the ATC and other organisations are as follows :
flying- flying an actual plane. Seriously. gliding- flying an actual plane with no engine.
water sports- power boating, sailing,canoeing etc.
shooting- a rifle, at a target… Not at someone.
first aid- just incase someone shot you with above rifle.
Competitive sports- hockey, football, rugby, netball & athletics all at wing, regional and national levels.
Attend a camp- at local or international level.
Play in the band- being commissioned to play at local events such as remembrance day, birthdays etc is nothing short of an honour.
Charity work- these people raise money to keep their organisations afloat, as well as raising money for help for heroes and other related organisations.

As I began to get used to the idea of authority, being disciplined and committed to something that would make a difference to myself I was given a world of opportunities that as an adult I could only dream of doing in my spare time. In my time I managed to go flying, attend a water-sports camp where I gained a sailing qualification, play in the band briefly, play regional netball & wing hockey.
All of which was made possible by the volunteers that give up evenings, weekends and sometimes holidays around full time work in their strive & commitment to helping others.
For this I thank all the NCO’s, you should all be proud of yourselves because if you can make the difference to as many children’s lives as you did mine hopefully it will make it all worthwhile.